?> Lente Tresor Productions

    • Settled

      A short film produced by NoVA Christian Film (www.novachristianfilm.com) for the 168 Project competition in 2012.


    • VICsTORY

      “God created Heavens and Earth in 7 days, this documentary captures the faces of Christian Families in a 7 days countdown to eviction. Will they remain Faithful?” Go to our indiegogo campaign, whereas we will raise funds for the family on the verge of eviction and The Hope Center, Stafford VA. With your support they can help more families in need, and keep their organizations running. We would be able to buy DVD units and donate them to The Hope Center.

      This is a great cause and we need your help! igg.me/p/319995/x/424710 our indiegogo campaign


    • The Man in the Cave

      LenteTresor Productions has chosen an unlikely approach for this production: they decided to produce three teasers with three different actors in the same role.

      Daniel Johnson, Altorro Prince Black and Josh Murray.

      Here’s where you – the audience – has a say: We want you to watch each trailer and VOTE for the actor YOU want to see as the Lead.